September Advice

The New Normal

As excitement and nerves from the first weeks of classes wear off, the "new normal" - and the first pangs of homesickness - may be taking hold for your student. Keep the lines of communication open and be a reassuring voice for them.

Encourage your student to get involved on campus. Taking part in the wide variety of involvement opportunities at SLU, from student organizations and community service to intramural/club sports and residence life activities, can help your student feel connected. Involved students typically do better academically and gain skills that help them succeed in college and their careers.


+ College is a time for students to learn to make their own decisions and solve their problems. Work to coach your student through a situation and refer them to campus resources without stepping in on their behalf.

+ Plan to attend Homecoming and Family Weekend. It's a great time to reconnect and enjoy time with your student on campus.

+ Encourage your student to enhance their study strategies by using SLU's tutoring, supplemental instruction and writing services. Scheduling an appointment with an academic advisor, student success coach, or both, can help students develop skills that will aid in their success at SLU.