October Advice

Midterms & More

It is hard to believe that midterms are already here and with them the possibility of increased stress and anxiety for your student.

Trying to juggle the demands of school and creating a social life can sometimes be overwhelming. Continue to encourage the use of academic resources like tutoring and writing services, especially if midterm exams do not go as well as your student would have liked.

Remember, this is a year of transition. It is important to be sympathetic but careful not to provide too many suggestions about how to fix your student's problems. Convey your confidence in their abilities. Suggest that your student speak to an academic advisor or a career development specialist if needed. Even if they are thinking of changing their major, it is essential that students complete the semester to the best of their ability. Most of the coursework will fit into the program requirements of their new choice.


+ Encourage your student to start studying for midterms early. A day or two in advance typically is not enough.

+ Midterm grades become available following fall break - check in with your student about their academic progress and what changes they can make for the rest of the semester and seek help if needed.

+ Remind your student that help is just a few clicks away. All students have 24/7 access through SLU Appointments (on mySLU) to schedule meetings with academic resources, such as tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic and student success coaching, writing consultation and academic advising.