May Advice

Wrapping Up the Year

The end of the academic year brings a variety of emotions.

Leaving new friends and wondering how family members will react to new-found independence may cause anxiety, and your student may want the freedom of college back at home. Talk to your student about your summer expectations and how they will contribute and communicate at home.

Students may also be concerned with family reaction to their academic performance. Understand that grades alone do not provide a full picture of a student's academic progress. Discuss how initial academic interests and career plans may have been affected by the first year of college. This conversation can help increase your student's motivation to meet their original goals or an opportunity to explore alternative plans.


+ During this transition period, it's important to discuss your mutual expectations. Whatever your student chooses to do over the summer and next year, remember your support will remain as important to them as it was the first day at SLU.

+ Students can sell textbooks back during the week before finals and finals week at the bookstore. Rental textbooks should be returned before leaving for the summer.

+ Enjoy the summer!