March Advice

Making Plans

March brings not only spring break but also midterm exams. Encourage your student to think through their choices. If students make good decisions and wisely plan their actions, they can return from spring break rested, renewed and ready to complete the last half of the semester.

Now is also an excellent time for students and their families to reflect on their first semester at SLU. Ask your student about their favorite classes and new friends. Discuss their successes as well as any changes your student may want to make when planning for their next year on campus.


+ Talk to your student about class selection for next year. Encourage your student to make an appointment with their academic advisor for fall registration.

+ Remind your student to take advantage of campus resources they have yet to explore.

+ Encourage students to bring home items they no longer need during spring break or Easter. Moving out will go more smoothly with less to pack at the end of the year.