December Advice

Facing Finals

The stress of final exams may be overwhelming for first-year students who do not know what to expect.

Encourage your student to begin studying early, to take advantage of professors' office hours and campus resources to better prepare, and to participate in stress-reducing activities on campus.

Students may leave campus for winter break following their last final. Check with your student's residence hall about break hours; many residence halls close during part of December and January.


+ Consider sending a finals care package, which can be especially welcome as students worry about their upcoming exams.

+ Remember, students have been setting their own curfew and exercising their independence while at school. Discuss your expectations for winter break ahead of time for a smoother transition to your student being home again.

+ Students can sell textbooks back during the week before finals and finals week at the bookstore. They should return rental textbooks before leaving for break.