August Advice

Tips for Transition

August is the beginning of your student’s experience at Saint Louis University. Communication between students and their families is especially important at this time of year. Listen and provide reassurance, but resist the temptation to step in and fix your student’s problems.

Give your student the space they need to grow, and sometimes fail, while also demonstrating you will be there for support. Encourage your student to take advantage of university resources when they may need assistance.

Give yourself time to adjust, as well. To assist with this transition, connect with other Billiken Parent and Family Association members in our Facebook group.


+ Consider setting aside a regular time you and your student agree to connect each week.

+ Talk to your student about personal safety and responsibility. Encourage them to use campus safety escorts, keep their residence hall door locked and program the phone number for the Department of Public Safety (314-977-3000) into both your cell phones.

+ Attend parent and family events during Fall Welcome.