During the summer, as you prepare to return to campus in the fall, take some time to reflect as you near the beginning of a new journey in life.

  1. During SLU 101, you have had the opportunity to interact with many of your new peers who all have diverse identities such as race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, age, ability, faith, orientation, gender, class, and ideology. In the limited amount of time you had with your peers during SLU 101, how did you show that you were open to learning more about others’ backgrounds and identities? Has this experience challenged or perhaps changed any pre-conceived notions you had in regards to diversity and social justice?
  2. How will you live your life while continuing to challenge yourself to learn more about yourself and others in order to help create a more inclusive local and global community?
  3. How will you represent your values and ethics while giving others the equal opportunity to represent their values and ethics?
  4. Saint Louis University students are driven by a higher purpose. A greater good. How will you challenge yourself and others to serve humanity as a citizen of the world?